New Release

Today we updated PerformanceHub with various bug fixes and usability enhancements.

  • Sort Roles and Competencies alphabetically, whenever they’re listed
  • IE8&9: the “spinner” text didn’t show properly in some circumstances
  • Don’t allow escape characters (esp ^K) to be written to text fields in the database.
  • Add “6 weeks” as an option for frequency of 121 meetings.
  • On last day, DR appraisal nag should go Amber if they haven’t provided comments & rating, or shared.
  • The term Grandchildren was still used on the profile page
  • Firefox 37: when looking at PDP section in an appraisal, if a target came from an earlier period, the graphic shown needs moving slightly left.
  • The comments boxes for fields in appraisals have the same bug about leading newline.
  • Layout updates
  • Email address validation on the login page

New release

Today we updated PerformanceHub with a fancy new super-secure password encryption technology.

We know that it’s the 1st of April, but this is no joke!