PerformanceHub Dashboard Refresh

Today we released a new dashboard for PerformanceHub which is structured around the process, making it clearer, easier to use and more informative.

Here’s a peek at a new dashboard:

What was our motivation for the change? Well, inspired by user feedback, we aimed to do 3 things with the new dashboard:
1) Give clearer guidance on items that need attention
2) Help with future planning by showing users key stages in the process
3) Give a sense of progress on important milestones

So, we now group actions by review period, then further group them by major milestones in your process. Future milestones are shown to give people an idea of what will be expected later in the period whilst completed milestones now show as ‘done’, giving people a sense of progress. Actions have been broken down into finer details to help users through the process without the need of a ‘rule book’.

Note that we have added dates to tell people when things start and when they are due. Clicking on the calendar icon will give you all the details about the review period.

Finally, we have made improvements in the weekly dashboard email so it look better in many more email clients.

New Feature: Goals

Over the weekend we released a new PerformanceHub feature: Organisational Goals.

Goals are like long-term objectives, similar to objectives in many ways, but they aren’t linked to a specific review period. They give your Senior Management Team the ability to clearly communicate your organisation’s longer term aspirations to the workforce. You can link organisational objectives to goals to show how the goals will be achieved, helping you plan and communicate long term strategies. Employees can now not only see how their individual objectives contribute to the organisation’s objectives, but also how their work contributes towards the goals and vision of the organisation.

Once enabled, Goals are visible under the Company tab (or School tab if you are a school).

Goals can be enabled from the Admin Configuration tab. Your CEO (or Headteacher) creates Draft goals, and publishes them when ready, making them visible to the entire organisation.