PerformanceHub Schools Edition

Great news!

Today we launched PerformanceHub for Schools.

With the new government legislation starting in September 2012, teachers will be appraised using a competencies based performance management process. PerformanceHub already supported competency based appraisals, but with the new schools edition, PerformanceHub now supports school related terms, replacing Company with School and CEO with Headteacher.

Over the next few weeks will will be helping schools define their competency frameworks  ready for the new term.


PerformanceHub 2.0 has arrived!

PerformanceHub 2.0 arrived today, adding Competencies and Roles into our ever broadening feature set.

With PerformanceHub 2.0, you can add a role based competency review to an employee’s appraisal.

Competency based reviews provide a number of benefits:

  • Enable you to see who is performing/under-performing in their defined role.
  • Help find internal talent that meets the requirements of a vacancy or urgent project need.
  • Allow employees to see what aspects of their performance they need to concentrate on in order to develop themselves, work towards a promotion or develop their career in other directions.
  • Help managers set objectives that will develop their staff in a faster, more focussed way.

Having done extensive research, we found that there are many, many different ways in which companies do competency based reviews. What we have built enables you to configure PerformanceHub the way you want to use competencies in your organisation.

We have more exciting features coming that will complement competencies, like career ladders, talent management and succession planning. Watch this space!