HR In A Distributed World

Just over a year ago we released the first version of PerformanceHub into the world. Our plan was to first introduce it to UK based SMEs and worry about internationalisation once we had a good few customers. Well, that was the plan…..

Less than a year after it was first launched, PerformanceHub is being used in 17 countries on 4 continents!

So, what went wrong with the plan? Well nothing really, you’d be surprised by the number of UK companies that have operations dotted around the world. Working with these companies, we have seen how this distributed workplace challenges both Operations and HR.

Getting an effective performance management system in place in this distributed world is highly challenging and we’d say near impossible using anything other than a real-time online system.  The feedback we have received from our customers has been tremendous. PerformanceHub is really helping their performance management process run smoothly even though employees are in many different timezones. Customers have also told us how PerformanceHub is helping them set and meet objectives even though the bulk of the team is on another continent.

That’s it. No special message here, we just wanted to tell you about how we’re spreading around the world and acknowledge the fact it’s challenging.

If you are faced with the challenge of performance management and operations in remote locations, we’d be happy to help.


It’s the little things…..

We’ve not posted any updates for a while, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been idle. In fact, we’ve been through an intense round of updates driven by feedback from our users. Here are the highlights:
Easy reviews:
Managers can now progress objective reviews for their whole team at the press of a button making the process a lot easier
Easy appraisal close:
HR can now close an appraisal and the associated objectives are automatically closed saving HR even more time
Encourage objective linkage:
HR can enable a feature to encourage managers to link objectives together by alerting them to orphaned objectives in their dashboard. Managers can now link objectives straight from their dashboard and also using the cascade button
Enforced browser control:
We don’t let people log in if they are using really old versions of Internet Explorer and we will warn people if they are using a browser that maybe slow or have security issues
Better dashboard:
We have added more dashboard nags, improved the wording of many and stopped some from appearing if there was nothing the user could action to get rid of it
Performance improvements:
Some HR screens were a bit slow to load for large organisations. We’ve made progress here and have plans to make more
Bug fixes:
Yeah, we have them too, but when we find them we squish them.