PerformanceHub Release

Hot on the tails of our last update, we have yet another new feature to introduce to you today – Cascade Transparency controls.

One of the cornerstones of PerformanceHub and a Cogendo core principle is transparency. We believe that corporate transparency heavily influences the success of any company. But don’t just take our word for it, this is what Vineet Nayar, CEO of HCL Technologies has to say –  “transparency helps to ensure that every stakeholder has a deep, personal commitment to the aims of the organisation”. We believe this is true and that transparency provides much more too, especially in todays open, social world. We’ll speak more on this in a future blog.

This is why we built the Objectives Cascade into PerformanceHub. A unique feature which enables employees to see how their objectives link to others in the organisation and how these connections eventually connect back to the overall company objectives. It’s a powerful motivator, giving employees a sense of how they contribute to their company’s future.

This week we updated the Objectives Cascade to give HR Admin full control over who can see what in the cascade.

Everybody sees their objective, the company objective it is connected to and all connected objectives below them in the organisation. But you can now tweak whether employees see their manager’s objectives, all objectives up the tree, their peers’ or their peer’s teams’ objectives too.

We hope this new feature gives companies the confidence to use PerformanceHub’s visual cascade even if they are not as fanatical about transparency as we are.

Feature Release: Performance Rating Schemes

Last week we released a brand new feature – Customisable Rating Schemes.

PerformanceHub now gives you the ability to define your own employee rating scheme. Your scheme can have as many ratings as you like and you can name them whatever you want.  So you can stick with the simple 1 to 5 scheme or use words like “Exceptional” to “Improvement Needed” instead.

Each rating also has a description so employees can see exactly what is required to obtain the rating.

To make things simple, we have introduced a “Rating Schemes Library”. We’ve created 2 standard schemes to get you going, but you can add more yourselves and use whichever you fancy. We’ve even taken care of the issue of changing rating schemes between review periods, so you needn’t worry about mismatched reports.

One more thing, we’ve improved the traffic lights adding the letters R, A and G onto the bulb. This should help anyone with colourblindness.